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In Biddeford, Maine, a young dentist’s determination to own his practice has become a reality, demonstrating the significant impact of local support and dedicated learning. Dr. Dan Burke, originally from Freeport and educated at the University of New England, embodies how ambition paired with the proper support can lead to outstanding achievements. His progression from an aspiring dentist to the owner of All Smiles Dental, a practice with over 30 years of service to the community, is a personal success and an inspiration for professionals in all fields.

Dr. Burke’s academic foundation is strong. He earned a Bachelor of Science in Medical Biology, as well as a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology, from the University of New England. During his university years, Dr. Burke was actively involved in community service, volunteering at the St. Louis Child Development Center and mentoring at Kennebunk Elementary School. This engagement with community initiatives shaped his professional outlook and commitment to service.

Upon completing his dental studies at the University of New England College of Dental Medicine, Dr. Burke started his dental career at All Smiles Dental. While working there, he learned the intricacies of dental care from experienced professionals. However, owning his practice was always his ultimate goal, a dream that seemed challenging due to the limited business training available in dental school.

Recognizing his potential, his business lender introduced Dr. Burke to the Southern Maine Finance Agency (SMFA). This connection proved crucial. SMFA specializes in helping local businesses and professionals achieve their entrepreneurial goals by providing financial guidance and business education. In Dr. Burke’s case, SMFA specifically aided in the purchase of real estate for his practice.

The partnership between his business lender, SMFA, and Saco Biddeford Bank was instrumental in supporting Dr. Burke’s journey. His business loan lender was crucial in providing the necessary funding to transition from associate to business owner, while SMFA and Saco Biddeford Bank ensured he had the necessary support for the real estate transaction. They provided comprehensive training on the business aspects of running a dental practice, ensuring Dr. Burke was prepared for every aspect of practice management. “Working with my business loan lender, SMFA, and Saco Biddeford was empowering,” Dr. Burke recalls. “They ensured I was well-equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills to take over and excel in leading the practice.”

Now the owner of All Smiles Dental, Dr. Burke continues to contribute to the community that supported his ambitions. He is dedicated to providing excellent dental care and actively participates in local health initiatives. Under his leadership, the clinic has maintained its strong reputation, and expanded its services to reach a broader audience.

Dr. Burke’s smooth transition to ownership is also a testament to his staff’s support, who welcomed the ownership change with positivity and commitment. “The seamless transition was largely due to my staff’s support. Their dedication to providing top-quality care to our patients has been unwavering,” he says.

Dr. Burke’s experience highlights the effectiveness of community-focused financial and educational support systems like those provided by his business loan lender, SMFA, and Saco Biddeford Bank. It underscores the value of tailored financial solutions and educational programs that help aspiring professionals navigate the complexities of business ownership.

For those pursuing similar goals, Dr. Burke’s journey underlines the importance of leveraging local resources, engaging with community services, and staying focused on one’s objectives. His success is both a personal victory and a boon to the community’s health, showing that dreams can indeed be achieved with persistence, preparation, and proper support.

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